2017 NanoEHS COR Workshop

Building on the approach from the 2015 and 2016 CORs meetings in Venice and Washington DC, this years’ meeting, hosted by the University of Birmingham on behalf of the EC, will also be activity-driven.  The activity will be to consider current (and future) approaches to nanosafety (nanoEHS) research in order to close the gap between research and regulation.  The activity will focus on nanomaterials testing, grouping, and read-across methodologies, utilising case-studies to provide context for the discussion, focusing on if/how research data can be utilised in regulatory contexts.  The workshop will utilise “clicker (polling) technology” to collect evolution of audience opinions in real-time.  A workshop synthesis report will capture input from invited experts, participant remarks, and a summary of COR activities.

The 2017 CORs meeting will provide updates from the 7 running CoRs and undertake some initial scoping work for possible new COR activities (e.g., nanomedicine, nanofabrication/nanomanufacturing).

DATE: September 7-8, 2017 (following the ICEENN 2017 conference, which takes place on September 3-6, 2017)

LOCATION: Muirhead Tower (R21 on the campus map) at the University of Birmingham

AGENDA: The draft agenda is available here.

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