The NanoEHS Communities of Research address questions about the potential environmental, health, and safety (EHS) implications of nanomaterials. These communities were proposed at the first U.S.-EU workshop on Bridging nanoEHS Research Efforts March 2011 and launched in 2012. There are currently seven NanoEHS CORs:

  • Characterization
    Co-chairs: Vladimir Lobaskin (EU) and Anil Patri (U.S.)
  • Databases and Computational Modeling for NanoEHS
    Co-chairs: Fred Klaessig (U.S.) and Thomas Exner (EU)
  • Ecotoxicity
    Co-chairs: Olga Tsyusko-Unrine (U.S.) and Susana Loureiro (EU)
  • Human Toxicity
    Co-chairs: Arno Gutleb (EU) and Christie Sayes (U.S.)
  • Exposure through Product Life
    Co-chairs: Christof Asbach (EU) and Paul Westerhoff (U.S.)
  • Risk Assessment
    Co-chairs: Mark Wiesner (U.S.) and Janeck Scott-Fordsmand (EU)
  • Risk Management and Control
    Co-chairs: Khara Grieger (U.S.) and Ulla Vogel (EU)

Contact for more information or to be added to the listservs for any of these groups.

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