2013 NanoEHS COR Workshop

Mark Wiesner and Derk Brouwer build bridges in the Risk Assessment COR breakout session.

Mark Wiesner and Derk Brouwer build bridges in the Risk Assessment COR breakout session.

DATE: December 2-3, 2013

LOCATION: National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Virginia

AGENDA: The final agenda is available here.

PRESENTATIONS: Locked PDFs of the presentations are available here.

PROCEEDINGS: The PDF of the workshop proceedings is available here.

SCOPE: This event brought together the U.S.-EU Communities of Research (CORs), which are a platform for scientists address environmental, health, and safety questions about nanomaterials by developing a shared repertoire of protocols and methods to overcome research gaps and barriers. The Communities were established in 2012, and this workshop was intended to further develop and support the CORs’ activities.

OBJECTIVES: The goal of this workshop was to publicize progress towards COR goals and objectives, clarify and communicate future plans, share best practices, and identify areas of cross-Community collaboration.

ATTENDEES: Participants included American and European scientists and policy makers from academia, research institutes, industry, and governments. A full list of participants is available here.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact useu@nnco.nano.gov


  1. I would very much like to attend the conference at NSF in this area. Although I do not now have a US-EU grant in this area, my colleagues in Europe (the Italian National Physics Institute at Frascati, Italy), have asked me to participate in collaborative grants in this area, and I would very muchlike to do so. My area of expertise is physical characterization of various types of nanoparticles and how these specific types of nanoparticles interact with human lung and intestinal cells- and what specific characteristics of the nanoparticle may initiate a health risk if the nanoparticles are ingested or inhaled. We have published, and are also publishing some work with nanoparticle interactions in surface waters, and how highly reactive nanoparticles that were quite toxic initially exhibited altered health risks to human cells in vitro following nanoparticle-aging in aquatic saline or natural organic matter environments. My ultimate interest is to find the specific surface nanoparticle characteristics that make them dangerous to biota, and use this information to re-engineer the nanoparticles to reduce or eliminate these safety/health risks.

    Is there a way that I can participate in these workshops?
    Thank you,
    Barbara Panessa-Warren, Ph.D.
    Brookhaven National Laboratory

  2. Hi Dr. Panessa-Warren,

    Thanks for your interest in this event. Anyone is welcome to attend the conference at NSF on December 2-3, 2013. We will open registration in October on this page. All you have to do is sign up.

    If you would like to join any of the Communities of Research, the full list of topics is available and you can join the groups at https://us-eu.org/communities-of-research/search-communities-of-research/. If you let me know which groups you are interested in, I can also add you to the appropriate listserv.

    Best Regards,


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