2012 Presentations

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Plenary (I):

Emerging Issues of Nanosciences, Kenneth Dawson, CBNI/UCD, Ireland

Research Priorities on Safe Nanotechnologies, Mark Wiesner, Duke University, United States

Plenary (II):

European Research Strategies on Nanotechnologies, Kai Savolainen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland

U.S. Research Strategies on Nanotechnologies, Sally Tinkle, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, United States

Breakout Sessions

CoR-4: Risks Assessment

Vision Statement, Derk Brouwer, the Netherlands

A Risk Forecasting Framework for Nanomaterials, Mark Wiesner, United States

Industrial Perspectives on Emerging Risks and Safety of Nanotechnologies, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Germany

CoR-2: Ecotoxicity Testing and Extrapolation towards QSARs, with Material Characterization

Vision Statement, Henriette Selck, Denmark

The Challenges of Collaborating and Communicating across the Pond, Henriette Selck, Denmark (on behalf of Steve Klaine, United States)

Do Mechanistic Effect Models Have a Place in ERA of Engineered Nanoparticles?, Annemette Palmqvist, Denmark

Designing Superior Nanomaterial-Containing Consumer Products with Minimal Toxicity, Alexander Orlov, United States

CoR-3: Predictive Modeling for Health, with Material Characterization

Vision Statement, Bengt Fadeel, the Sweden

Predictive Modeling for Health, Yoram Cohen, United States

QSARs for Nanomaterials, Enrico Burello, the Netherlands

Plenary (III):

Workshop Report CoR-4

Workshop Report CoR-2

Workshop Report CoR-3

Friday, 26 October 2012

Plenary (IV):

Requirements for Reliable Exposure Assessment of ENM in Air, Gerhard Kasper, KIT, Germany

Risk Assessment and Management of ENM, Christine Powers, EPA, United States

Breakout sessions

CoR-1: Exposure through the Life Cycle, with Material Characterization

Vision Statement, Richard Canady, United States

Environmental Risk Assessment of ENP, Geert Cornelis, Sweden

Developing a Resource Tool for Concepts and Methods to Analyze Engineered Nano Materials in Environmental Media throughout Their Life Cycle, Gabriele Windgasse, United States

CoR-5 Databases and Ontologies

Vision Statement, Hubert Rauscher, European Commission

U.S. Resources, Nathan Baker, United States

Nanosafety Databases: Harmonisation Efforts in Europe, Iseult Lynch, Ireland

CoR-6: Risk Management and Control

Vision Statement, Larry Gibbs, United States

Regulatory Review of Nanomaterials in the EU, Tom van Teunenbroek, the Netherlands

Key Research Areas for NanoEHS Success, Charles Geraci, United States

Plenary (V):

Workshop Report CoR-1

Workshop Report CoR-6

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