2012 Agenda

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Venue: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki, Finland

Thursday, 25 October 2012 

8.30 Registration
Room: Main Lecture Room
Chairs: Kai Savolainen, Finland, and Chris Cannizzaro, United States
Plenary Rapporteurs: Lea Pylkkänen, Finland, and Marit Ilves, Finland
Technical Coordinator for the Proceedings: Elina Juntunen, Finland


Welcome remarks

9.00 Words of Welcome: Harri Vainio, Director General, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
9.10 Welcome on Behalf of the U.S.: Danny Hall, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy, United States
9.20 Purpose and Goals of the 2012 Workshop: Christos Tokamanis, Head of Unit, European Commission

Plenary (I):

Background for 1st day CoRs

 9.30 Emerging Issues of Nanosciences: Kenneth Dawson, CBNI/UCD, Ireland
10.00 Research Priorities on Safe Nanotechnologies: Mark Wiesner, Duke University, United States
10.30 Break

Plenary (II):

EU and U.S. research strategies and impact of research

 11.00 European Research Strategies on Nanotechnologies: Kai Savolainen, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
11.15 U.S. Research Strategies on Nanotechnologies: Sally Tinkle, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, United States
11.30 Discussion
12.00 Lunch


Breakout Sessions


CoR-4: Risks Assessment

 CoR-2: Ecotoxicity Testing and Extrapolation towards QSARs, with Material Characterization

 CoR-3: Predictive Modeling for Health, with Material Characterization

Room: Main Lecture Room Topelius Haartman
Chairs: Derk Brouwer, the Netherlands, and Mark Wiesner, United States Henriette Selck, Denmark Bengt Fadeel, Sweden, and Yoram Cohen, United States
Rapporteurs: Andrea Haase, Germany Jacques-Aurélien Sergent, France Lang Tran, Scotland
13.00 CoR Vision Statement: Derk Brouwer, the Netherlands CoR Vision Statement: Henriette Selck, Denmark CoR Vision Statement: Bengt Fadeel, Sweden
13.10 A Risk Forecasting Framework for Nanomaterials: Mark Wiesner, United States The Challenges of Collaborating and Communicating across the Pond: Henriette Selck, Denmark (on behalf of Steve Klaine, United States) Predictive Modeling for Health: Yoram Cohen, United States
Do Mechanistic Effect Models Have a Place in ERA of Engineered Nanoparticles?: Annemette Palmqvist, Denmark
13.25 Industrial Perspectives on Emerging Risks and Safety of Nanotechnologies: Aleksandar Jovanovic, Germany Designing Superior Nanomaterial-Containing Consumer Products with Minimal Toxicity: Alexander Orlov, United States QSARs for Nanomaterials: Enrico Burello, the Netherlands
13.40 Discussion Discussion Discussion
14.40 Summary and Conclusions Summary and Conclusions Summary and Conclusions
15.00 Break
15.30 Finalizing Workshop Reports: chairs, rapporteurs and the breakout groups

Plenary (III):


 16.00 Workshop Report CoR-4
16.30 Workshop Report CoR-2
17.00 Workshop Report CoR-3
17.30 End of 1st Workshop Day

Friday, 26 October 2012

8.30 Registration
Room: Main Lecture Room
Chairs: Kenneth Dawson, Ireland, and Sally Tinkle, United States
Plenary Rapporteurs: Chris Cannizzaro, United States, and Stacey Standridge, United States

Plenary (IV):

Background for the 2nd day CoRs

9.00 Requirements for Reliable Exposure Assessment of ENM in Air: Gerhard Kasper, KIT, Germany
9.30 Risk Assessment and Management of ENM: Christine Powers, EPA, United States
10.00 Break


Breakout sessions


CoR-1: Exposure through the Life Cycle, with Material Characterization

 CoR-5 Databases and Ontologies

 CoR-6: Risk Management and Control

Room: Main Lecture Room Haartman Topelius
Chairs: Thomas Kuhlbusch, Germany, and Richard Canady, United States Hubert Rauscher, European Commission, and Nathan Baker, United States Tom Von Teunenbroek, the Netherlands, and Larry Gibbs, United States
Rapporteurs: Jerome Rose, France Martin Fritts, United States Garry Burdett, United Kingdom
10.30 CoR Vision Statement: Richard Canady, United States CoR Vision Statement: Hubert Rauscher, European Commission CoR Vision Statement: Larry Gibbs, United States
10.40 Environmental Risk Assessment of ENP: Geert Cornelis, Sweden U.S. Resources: Nathan Baker, United States Regulatory Review of Nanomaterials in the EU: Tom van Teunenbroek, the Netherlands
10.55 Developing a Resource Tool for Concepts and Methods to Analyze Engineered Nano Materials in Environmental Media throughout Their Life Cycle: Gabriele Windgasse, United States Nanosafety Databases: Harmonisation Efforts in Europe: Iseult Lynch, Ireland Key Research Areas for NanoEHS Success: Charles Geraci, United States
11.10 Discussion Discussion Discussion
12.10 Summary and Conclusions Summary and Conclusions Summary and Conclusions
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Finalizing Workshop Reports: chairs, rapporteurs and the breakout groups

Plenary (V):


 14.00 Workshop Report CoR-1
14.30 Workshop Report CoR-5
15.00 Workshop Report CoR-6

Plenary (VI):

Conclusions and closing

15.30 Conclusions, Next Steps, and Ways Forward: Sally Tinkle, United States, and Georgios Katalagarianakis, European Commission
16.00 Closing the Meeting: Chris Cannizzaro, United States
16.10 End of the Workshop

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